Monday, August 20, 2007

we are DIVA


- Mothers' Day at Wescam
(May 2006) - creative resistance and civil disobedience with Homes Not Bombs and the Mother's Day Coalition for Peace at Burlington Ontario's L3/Wescam war production facility. 16 minutes.

In August 2003, DIVA's CRITICAL MASS: HOW YOU SEE IT was selected to be part of PHOTOPHOBIA 5, making two-years in a row that DIVA has shown at this free, open air art festival in our home-town! (see below for previous year's entry)

DIVA documented much of the resistance to the destruction of the Red Hill Valley, helping found and then contribute footage to a collection of activist video (The Red Hill Video Collective resulting in the feature length Grass Through Concrete) on the struggle against the expressway.

DIVA Celebrates Hamilton-based activism and activist culture with a screening of, you guessed it, activist video with the NOT ONTV showcase at the Staircase Cafe Theatre. Click here to read the VIEW Magazine article.

DIVA's WARGAMES IN THE PARK made the cut in 2002, in the Art Gallery of Hamilton's annual PHOTOPHOBIA SHORT FILM AND VIDEO FESTIVAL! Read our media release, see the photos and articles about the original encounter between DIVA and the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry as the RHLI attempts to occupy Bayfront Park for their war games.

Our first work was the 1999 production "Target Audience: Children, War and the Hamilton International Air Show" which aired at public gatherings and helped bring to light the militarism of the HIAS.

In 2000 we produced the entertaining "Buy Nothing Day," a glimpse of local culture jammers working Limeridge Mall as they donned construction worker costumes and warned potential shoppers of the outbreak of "affluenza."

2001 saw the completion of "Car-Free Day" which was used by local transportation activists to try and convince Hamilton City Hall to support the concept of car-free areas in the city; featuring exclusive clips of car free day 2000, critical mass bike rides, and a downtown parking meter party, the video will help to open up the world of sustainable transportation activism in Hamilton.

DIVA has collected footage from the FTAA demonstrations in Quebec City involving local Hamilton activists (A.K.A. the satiric singers "Cash-Happy Bastards"); the Hamilton War Show "Festival of Life demonstrations;" exclusive footage of the Catholic Worker "Litany of Resistance" demonstration at the 2000 War Show; local peace marches, and more.