Saturday, September 29, 2007

Wescam watch

Mother's Day at Wescam documents a peace protest at a suburban Burlington, Ontario (Canada) company owned by L3, a large war manufacturer - the company: Wescam.

We filmed this on 15 May, 2006. There were several arrests at the site, but the mood remained peaceful throughout, even when head of security and the property manager drag one protester across the parking lot...

I've had to split the video in two to post it on the web. This web version has some minor editing quirks that kick in about half way in (starting near the end of part one) - I don't know how they got there, extra cross-fades, but it is still watchable.

I think it is a very instructive piece on the kind of relentless persistence needed to start a dialogue on war/economy, while doing so in a spirit of nonviolence.

To read more about the group behind the (ongoing) demonstrations, visit

Homes Not Bombs has screened the film at several events to raise awareness of what Wescam is doing, and to illustrate what a peaceful but civilly disobedient action looks like (something you won't see a lot of in the media)

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