Tuesday, October 2, 2007

seven year flick


When we show our early videos, this one is always a crowd pleaser. And the guy stopping traffic in the movie (Tony Lombardo) has never seen this. So I keep promising him when I run into him that I will put it on You Tube. Fait accompli!

Tony and his crew have gone on to create a name for themselves in the imponderables.

Tony's always been a guy with a creative and comic flair and a willingness to apply it to "activist" issues, as evidenced here.

This is also an example of work created for video by the shadowy and talented "DIVA DAVE" AKA David Fordham, who edited all our first videos. I haven't seen Dave for a while now: we used to live side by side in, well, Dundas, thus the DIVA designation.

One final comment: Since this movie (made in 2000) we've learned to spell "Independent"...

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