Saturday, October 6, 2007

free movie

Unlike many of DIVA's early videos, this one (Car Free Day 2001) was scripted, and not a direct result of covering an "action."

We used it to try and push Car Free Day, then (in 2001), still new to the milieu of sustainable transportation in the city.

We showed it to city hall that year, and now, in 2007, the city is starting to get the idea that Car Free is something worth supporting. The city's new mayor is proposing a car free area in the city core!

The film probably had little impact in 2001, but it is instructive if only as a record of the time it takes to move something worthwhile forward.

Critical Mass is still going, we are still having parking meter parties, and people and organizations have stepped up to work for improved transportation options to get us beyond car-ownership (TLC, TUG, RTH for example) and DIVA is still there to cover the grassroots actions that the local mainstream media ignore.

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