Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Noam Chomsky in a small group discussion on the subject of Anarchism at McMaster University.

There were several local self identified anarchists in the group, and a bunch of people who were there for interest sake.

There are other segments of this discussion that I might put on the site at a later date, but this short video gets a nice general sense of anarchism, stripped of any excess theory, the kind of anarchism that an anarchist might feel comfortable with (in contrast to overwrought ideological groups with everything figured out on paper).


Musab said...

is there any chance you might put up the rest of this discussion? it's a shame not to share what was clearly an enlightening session with chomsky

Randy said...

Yes, it's just that our tapes are currently without a proper camera to download - we will get to it sometime this year. Sorry to be so vague.